Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Well, I've started painting something a little different...more of a seascape with a little extra interest.  I have a very LONG way to go obviously, but thought I'd show you what I'm up to right now.  I'm really rather excited about it-but know it's going to be a challenge.  That's okay, right?
and I HAVE to show you what I found in a thrift store...I was out to do an errand, and thought I would just stop in to this store since it was a block or so away, just to see what they had.  There was a sign on the window that said everything was half price, so I thought that was even better.  Well this is what my eyes spied as soon as I walked through their door...
Some people would say...what? It's just an old statue.  Some people would say, it looks like something that was probably in a church...why would I want that?
I said (especially after picking it up and it was HEAVY), "YESSSS".  I kept imagining that people that passed me by were thinking, why didn't I see that?  But, seriously, I really don't think they were...which is dumbfounding to me.
After walking around with it carefully cradled in my arm, I noticed why the sticker on it said "as is"...there was an obvious break at the wrist...but it was securely glued together.
But unless you really looked at the side of the wrist you didn't see it.
It was priced at $18.99.  Then it would have been half off of that. I debated that there was a break...it wasn't perfect.  Would it be worth about $9?  To a real collector...no, it wouldn't be.  But the face...Oh, the face was so beautiful and perfect.  How could I pass that up.  It was one of those things that I pictured myself putting it down, and someone else picking it up.  How would I feel?  I asked the manager that since there was this break, even though it said "as is", could I have a discount.  She said that I could have it for $10...so half off of that would be $5.  What do you think I said?
It stands over 20" high.  And it's crying out to be my next "sitter" for a painting!
I just found out through research on the internet and talking with fellow facebooker Amy Gethins Sullivan, that my statue is The Infant of Prague.  It is in it's original state which was unrobed. It was robed and crowned ornately in the mid 1600's. (I like the simple unrobed version the best). The right hand rasied in a blessing with the first two fingers extended to signify His two natures. The left hand holding a globe surrounded by a cross to signify His kinship.  There is also the version called the Santo Nino, but I couldn't find that one dressed as simply.  Although it may have been in it's earlier version as well.