Thursday, February 17, 2011


today is february 17th...the official day to pick and reveal the winner of the OWOH event. 
i had originally said i would draw a name from a hat, but i had so many more comments than i thought i would, that i decided to use a random generator to make it easier.  i was actually writing numbers on a piece of paper this morning while reading emails~muti-tasking as usual~and my sister suggested in an email that i might want to use a random generator online.  i thought that seemed so much easier (and the timing couldn't have been better) and less time consuming. 
soooo....the random generated winner is.....
kristin dudish!!!
i asked everyone to choose between two pieces, and kristin chose my wood block print. 
so, kristin, please email me your address and i will place that in the mail for you.  i hope you will enjoy having it in your home and thank you all for your lovely comments and the time you took to visit me.
i tried to visit everyone on OWOH, but time made it hard to really spend time going through each blog.  i am really looking forward to visiting everyone at a much less rushed time constraint.
it's been a great experience, and i'm glad i got to experience OWOH, this being it's last year.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


i didn't think i was going to post until the OWOH (one world one heart) was over, but since i finished a new piece, i thought i would.  although i post on fb, i also like to post more detailed pics here.  if you want to see what i'm offering for the OWOH and enter, just scoll down to the next post. 
i title this painting "a voice from heaven"

and the completed piece...i used a little pen, oil pastels, and music sheets over acrylics.
here it is in earlier stages on my easel...yes, that's a landscape in back of it.  actually two of them...both unfinished.
almost done...still working on the music sheets.  they were actual vintage sheets from a choir book.
here is the finished painting on my wall...
oh, and here is the picture i found online that inspired me.  i think it was a photo.  if anyone knows anything about the photo, i'd love to know!