Thursday, June 21, 2012

art abandonment

i recently became a part of a new group called ART ABANDONMENT.  It was started by Michael DeMeng.

he started this group on facebook just a few weeks ago, and there are well over 3,000 members worldwide already!  the purpose of this group is to create some kind of art - a drawing on a napkin at a cafe, a painting on canvas, a poem, words of support, whatever you creatively do - then leave it somewhere for someone to find with a note attached that says it's a gift for the finder, and if they choose to reply back via e-mail to say how they felt or what they will do with it.

Michaels was immediately surprised at the response and the growth of the group.  he started a separate blog.  This is what he writes about the group:

"Art Abandonment is a group designed to encourage random acts of art, left in various locations around the globe. The idea is that folks can make something and leave it for a lucky unsuspecting person to find. Artists can then post locations and photos of abandoned goodies…and finders can let everyone know that they are the lucky finder! O' sweet abandon!

So leave some art. Leave a contact email for the finder…and if you get notified share the message with this group. If you prefer you can use the contact email: we'll be checking it often and share the results. Have fun!"
how fun and wonderful!  hope you join the group and become part of the movement!