Wednesday, December 26, 2012

i am pleasantly busy...

well, i've been officially busy with pet portraits...and i love it!
here are a few of my recent portraits.
a few were Christmas presents, so i didn't want to
post images to keep it a secret.
this was a big 30x40 painted of my client's beloved
jackson, who recently passed, painted for his wife......
i had it displayed on an easel in our entryway, so he could see him as soon
as i opened the door.  he loved it.  i hope she did too.

the color is a little off.  it was much richer and deeper in color.
here is maui...
isn't she sweet.  she is the owner's pride and joy.  she is aging, and i painted her
with a little of her younger coloring...
this is another Christmas gift of my client's sister and brother-in-laws children. 
the perfect gift for the hard-to-buy-for family...
here is riley...a gift for my client's husband's birthday...i added a special collar that he
was currently wearing....
and here is duke...painted for my client's husband...he flew lovingly packaged
over the pond to England.  she let me know he absolutely loved it.
i am currently working on another gift of a pet that has passed.  those portraits are painted
with special love.
and then i have two others that are waiting to be painted. 
so i am pleasantly busy.
i have made a new website for my pet portraits...
all the details are on the website for ordering yours!

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