Saturday, July 31, 2010


Hi friends! Let me take you on a lake ride with me and my hubby to our farmer's market!  We live on the lake, and enjoy taking a ride into town and thought I'd bring you along. 

amazing mushrooms that look like flowers!
and throughout town are fabulous outdoor sculptures...this is a favorite of mine!
I found a new business in town that I'd never seen before!  It's a store called The Oilerie that sells olive oils are blended in many different flavors!  They just opened about a week ago and get their oils from Italy.  They are kept in cannisters in the store and are freshly bottled for you right there! 
And then on to one of our favorite places to go for lunch in town.....Boulangerie.  They have fabulous sandwiches, fresh breads, desserts, etc.  We just got a cup of coffee and a fresh baguette, which we sliced and put cheese, cilantro and tomato slices on when coming home.  And I will show you my piece I'm working on now...I'm not done, but hope to be later today.  I'm just posting the top part of it right now, as I'm pretty much done with that area. Do you like her so far?


Anonymous said...

Lovely, I feel like I had a little day trip. very cool,

Concetta said...

Your paintings are really deep Lori - lovely to visit you here. x