Sunday, March 13, 2011


i wanted to share with you something that i signed up for, and want to let others know's very cool ~ comes in your e-mail every day for 40 days ~ and FREE!  it's called the WISH SUMMIT (women's international summit for health) and this is what's said about it and it's founder, tera warner, on the website:

Tera is a fiery online entrepreneur with a passion for projects that empower and inspire women.She reminds you to move beyond the size of your hips, or the shape of your hair and asks you to recall the sense of limitlessness you felt when you made your first wish on a birthday candle, a dandelion seedling, a wishing well...With a community of over 60,000 women (and a few great men) in all corners of the globe, she's dedicated her life to busting the barriers that keep people from achieving the level of health, abundance and vitality they’re looking for.
Her trademark, besides the fiery hair and personality, is an unparalleled ability to support others in achieving transformation through dietary change and a positive outlook on life.
Tera is a writer, a leader, a sister, a lover and a mother.
Her dream is to create a project that touches the lives of millions of women in an empowering way, so that her daughter's daughter can live without limits, too. 

the topics that they cover are:


so each day an e-mail comes to you with a recorded interview with one of the guest speakers.  There are some famous names and some you may not have heard of...but they are all powerful speakers taking time out of their day for the cause of empowering you to be the best you can be. 
Here is one of the first ones by kristin morelli...

if you enjoyed that, just go to their website and sign up to start receiving them in your e-mail.  you can just download them and listen later at a time that is convenient to you.  and they'll give you a link to access the ones that you've missed.  there really is some good stuff there.

also want to let you know that i received one of my special gifts from OWOH that i won!  it was a wall hanging from sheree at raven moon magic all the way from new zealand! thank you so much sheree!  all of your intricate work to make this so special shines through! it's just beautiful!


Rusted Wings said...

i'm enjoying those WISH speakers talks too Lori....seems i gather gather some good thoughts from each to re-purpose my life more intentionally.
LOVE that beautiful wall hanging, or window looks beautiful with the light shining through.

Kerri said...

oh, that sounds so inspriring. so glad you blogged about it!

Diana said...

Thanks for posting about Wish Summit. I'm going to listen. Lucky you to receive the wall hanging. It's beautiful.

Anonymous said...

hi lori! this wishsummit thing sounds wonderful :). i will make a point to stop by...:)