Saturday, August 13, 2011

vaca...and painting samples for my classes!

we just got back from a little vaca at the beach.  there is really nothing like the oregon coast. 
i have lived in california most of my life.  but walking through the tundra on a trail for what seems so get that glimpse of the ocean.  you just want to stop time.  it's so beautiful.
and people on the oregon coast (for the most part) don't don bathing suits.  it's too cold.  they are there to enjoy the beauty of nature.  it's a totally different feeling.
and then we frequented our favorite coffee/pastry cafe...the pacific way.
i just love all of the paintings and old photos on the walls there...all clustered together...but each with such meaning that you want to study them.
and i found the most wonderful antique/salvage store in astoria.  it's in the lobby of what was once the john jacob astor hotel.
we definitely didn't spend enough time there.
i saw sooo many things i wanted to take home.  everything was so cool.
see that old cooler?  i wanted that.  i pictured it on our back patio...when we had parties it would be filled with ice and i would gaze at it lovingly.
there was a hallway to a basement that was blocked and off limits by old doors and building remnants.  it had a light which made you wonder...
and on the way home stopping at a restaurant called camp's like a huge log cabin you want to live in...and in back is a trail with a creek ...
and of course, a topiary elephant...
and i'm coming along with my getting ready to teach beginning acrylic classes representing grumbacher at michaels.  i have been painting a few samples for my demo table.  here are a few...
i am gathering some great images that i want to teach.  these are some that grumbacher gave us, but am having fun finding ones for future classes.  since it's a local class, some will be images around oregon, and some that i just went oooh and ahhh over.
i am also creating signage for the store.  i found a big 54 x 30 ornate frame with an old painting from the 1970's in it.  i painted out the painting with black paint (first i googled the signature to make sure it wasn't a million dollar find) and then painted the title.  i will make copies of the samples i've done and attach them with magnets.  this will hang above the fine arts supply aisle.
i'm still working out the schedule with the manager, but think my first demo will be in about a week and then will start classes beginning in september.


Jacqueline said...

Dearest sweet lori, such gorgeous vacation photos and so many exciting news! Your art classes sound awesome and i love that sign you created! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!


jan avellana said...

wow, the shopping looks fabulous, and i want to sit on that bench in the field forever, just to think!!! :)