Sunday, April 22, 2012

there was a new baby born at our barn.  there is nothing like a little one with long legs.

 just 2 days old
 and when i went to pick up my daughter the other day, this is where i found her.
 she has a way with animals.  she thinks of what they are thinking or feeling and they feel safe.
the owners of this horse were calling this little filly a wild one.  they were saying it would be hard to try her out with a halter.  they need to have my horse whisperer daughter do it.
 even mama approves.


Rusted Wings said...

what a special gift life...spring's fruits! sarah's tender heart is being fed. hope this will be a growing relationship with this little colt, and bring many happy memories!! love ya'll!!! hugs & prayers!!!

Jenny Lee Wentworth said...

Oh, how magical♥ So beautiful!

Jenny :)