Saturday, June 19, 2010

Estate Sale Finds!

I was driving home after dropping my son off at baseball practice...minding my own business...when what should I see, but a sign that said "Estate Sale Blow Out"! And it was just up the street! So what was I to do?

I found a beautiful tureen and platter...

and a myrtle wood salad bowl set that really look unused...

I looked the company up online, and they are still in business. I added up the set:

4 salad bowls at $18 each

large salad serving bowl at $48

and salad servers at $18
Total price...$90
My price...$4.50!!!!

Don't you just love that!!!!

I also picked up an old photo that I love for $1, and

a beautiful little photo album with an inscription inside that said it was from 1907,

and possibly my favorite find...another little album. The front looks rustic and rather plain,

but the inside is full of treasures---from cover to cover are "autographs", most with little pretty little stickers to beautify each page!

And all written in 1887-1888!

Some are poems or versus written by Annie's dear friends,

and one even has a little drawing of a flower that her sister Mary made!

The penmanship then was such an art form in itself.

I just love it!

Now I HAVE to get back to my painting! I keep getting sidetracked!!!


Anonymous said...

Wow! This is a great vintage find! I love it, it must tell a wonderful story!

Rusted Wings said...

wow...what great treasures! and in your own backyard!! you always seem to hit the greatest yard/estate sales! i love those hand scripted albums...amazing Lori!!!

Trixie said...

you just majorly scored!!!!! Great job on the estate sale! We need to go shopping one of these days...

lori diane said...

Thanks Trixie and Abigail!

Diane said...

Hi Lori-I found you on the blog hop. I'm so glad that I did! First thing--you had me at Estate sale blow out. And your profile sounds like mine. And also, your art is beautiful--so glad that your sharing, and I'm happy to say that I'll be following you!

Sherry said...

can I just say JEALOUS!!! you made quite the haul. and that store you posted about a few days ago - WOW! nothing like that here in OKC. which is probably a good thing - hehe
thanks for following my blog
~ Sherry

lori diane said...

Thanks Diane-you're so sweet! And thanks Sherry for stopping by!