Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I don't DVR many shows...but I DO DVR this one!  It premiers its second season tomorrow night (Wednesday)!  Keith is the buyer of decorative antiques and found objects (I LOVE decorative antiques and found objects!) for the Anthropologie stores (I LOVE Anthropologie!).  I am right there with him while he shops the globe!  If you love shopping for finds...if you love anthropologie...you'll LOVE this show!  There is usually an artist or two that he finds along the way that he highlights and has create objects for the store. It's a great show...and it's on the Sundance channel.

On each of the shows there 's a little video clip of an artist...here is one from last season's show...


Rusted Wings said...

Anthropologie is OUR favorite store!! One of my highlights of coming to visit you is 'shopping' there! I've never seen this show, and don't have TV now, but will hopefully see it online! Thanks for sharing Lori!!

Anonymous said...

I will definitely check out his show. I love Anthropologie.. love it.
Thanks for the tip.