Monday, January 9, 2012

fun with apps...

well i just got an iphone...not a new 4g model, but a 3g.
and with it came my excitement to get some photography apps...
had to run around my house and shoot some things and then add
fun effects to's my messy art least this effect kinda softens
the mess :)
and i love this one.  it's a lighted house that i keep up all year.  at christmas i put some snow at the base as well as trees on the sides of it.  this effect put white spots all over it which looks like snow coming down!  love it!
and this was a mary statue i got at the goodwill.  i got really close and then did a scratched photo effect.  i absolutely love it!

and i enrolled in misty mawn's e-course.  fun, fun, fun!  our first assignments are sketching with charcoal and pencils.  this is something i came up with tonight.  it's been soooo many years since i have done a portrait with charcoal.  i think i was in college!  so this was like rediscovering it all over again.  her class will last for 5 weeks.  i'm going to be sooo busy!  but it's definitely a good thing.


Chris Mellang said...

Which photography app did you use? I really like the photo of your statue!

lori diane said...

hi chris...the first pic was instagram. the snow effect and mary with scratches was called befunky, which actually has sooo much more to it that instagram which is the popular one. one top of the effects you can crop, adjust lighting and saturation, etc. and it's free too! the last ones were hipstamatic - which i'm not sure i'll use alot since you have to take so many before seeing them. check out the befunky it!