Saturday, January 28, 2012

i got my hands pleasantly messy with clay.  i sculpted this little guy.  i used an armiture of wadded up newspaper and formed from there. 
i didn't know what i was doing or where i was going with this.  it was so much fun.  i used woodburning letters to make the word faith on his chest.  and i decided to make him functional and be able to hold something.
it took a few days to really dry out.  i kept checking him on the kitchen window sill.  when he finally didn't feel cold and clammy, i knew he was ready for paint.  i first used adirondak dyes and then used some acrylic to make some of the color more intense.  some of the dyes that were more greenish, i thought looked kinda mossy, which i loved.
looking around i put some tree branches and a little bird in his arms.  i was thinking shells, or leaves in the fall would look cute too.
still lovin' those apps on my phone!  this was all on instagram.

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rusted wings said...

what a sweetie!! was this a project from misty's class??? so love the little gatherer for each season's treasures!i have yet to try sculpting....but did post my and the girls recent art (however a few new ones not seen)!!
love you sis!!