Saturday, January 14, 2012

i am in the midst of misty mawn's 5 week online art course.  i wanted to take this course because i just love misty's open and free work.  she is spontaneous and uses many different mediums and i wanted to get a taste of that.  i will post as i do new work.  it's not easy finding the time though!  i am already sooo behind!  but luckily it seems that may others are as well.  with working and teaching grumbacher painting classes - and doing one of the paintings that i'll be teaching during the week so i can get the process before teaching, leaves me little time for this class.  but she is leaving the class up for us for a year...which is so freeing. is a journal page that i's me, although it doesn't look like me.  she looks younger and has better eyelids...but i absolutely loved this exercise!  it really freed me up to just put down color instead of trying to be exact. 


Janine said...

Can't wait to see more! This is lovely!

rusted wings said...

i'm so excited you're taking this class....wish i could again...i always learn so much from misty! at some point let her know your my sister and that it was a book for you she autographed in the art & soul class i took from her! love what you're doing...get sarah in on it!